The Reiki Principles

The Secret Method of Inviting Blessings.
The Spiritual Medicine of Many Illnesses.

For today only anger not, worry not,
be grateful and humble,
do your work with appreciation,
be kind to all.

In the morning and at night,
with hands held in prayer,
think this in your mind,
chant this with your mouth.
The Usui Reiki Method
to change your mind and body for the better
– Mikao Usui

The Reiki Principles are the heart of Reiki. The only real mastery is self-mastery. Dr. Usui taught that dedication to the principles and living them was essential. The real intent of the principles was to bring about enlightenment, peaceful living, kindness toward all, calm in your mind, and in your life. 

In healing ourselves and living the principles, we find true mastery. Not mastery of Reiki, but mastery of ourselves.