Healing Exercise

In order to be able to heal or do healing work, we need to be present and have a felt sense in our bodies where we are safe.  This safe place is where our truth is, which is that we have always been safe, all we are is love and we are connected to every living thing.  Our task then becomes, how to remind ourselves of who we are.  The following exercise does this very simply.

1. Sit in a chair and notice the chair underneath you.

Feel the support of the seat, the support of the back and how your body responds to that connection.  This allows you to bring all of your energy into the present moment.  Whatever you are feeling in your body is just right.

2. Notice your breath coming in and out.

This deepens your connection to your body, your truth and the present moment.  Let your exhale be longer than your inhale – this calms your nervous system.

3. Notice where in your body you feel safe (or comfortable) and breathe.

The important part is that you notice where you are safe and from that place to notice what is going on in your body and your life.

You don’t need to figure anything out, just notice if you are present or not and what that feels like.  If you discover you are not present, then really lovingly, just go back to feeling the chair underneath you, then your breath and where you feel safe.  It is from this safe place that you can know and speak your truth.  It is from this place you have choice.