My learning and healing started in 1986 when I discovered A.C.O.A. (Adult Children of Alcoholics), a support group for people from dysfunctional families.  I attended the weekly meeting for 2 years, and then chaired the meetings for 3 years.  Following that, I helped form a men’s weekly support group, and I participated and co-chaired for 8 years.

My training started with Rosen Method Bodywork in 1993.  I am advanced student, having taken 8 intensive training sessions (each 5 – 10 days in length).  In 2003 I started training in Reiki and am now a certified Reiki Master and a member of the Canadian Reiki Association.  I have completed Healing Touch levels 1, 2 & 3.

I have also taken courses in Anatomy for Energy Healers, Advanced Distance Healing Techniques, Somatic Trauma Release, Reflective Dialogue 1 & 2, and Medical Qi Gong.

My previous background is in the automotive and high tech fields and I have 16 years experience directly managing customer relationships.

I left my high tech job in 2005 to start Find Your Way Home Holistic Healing so that I could have a more balanced lifestyle and spend more time helping people discover themselves.

I had a change of direction in August 2008 when I suffered a head injury in a cycling accident.  I have spent the time since then exploring who I am now.  I love some of the changes and some I haven’t fully grieved the loss of yet.  This has easily been the most difficult thing I have had to deal with in my life and all in all I am grateful for it.

I am working at getting back to a daily practice of yoga and Qi Gong.  I still love to cycle (even in the rain) and am a loving father.  I never thought of it much, but I am now a grampa and loving it.

I am living and thriving in Burnaby, BC