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Healing Exercise

In order to be able to heal or do healing work, we need to be present and have a felt sense in our bodies where we are safe.  This safe place is where our truth is, which is that we have always been safe, all we are is love and we are connected to every living thing.  Our task then becomes, how to remind ourselves of who we are.  The following exercise does this very simply.

1. Sit in a chair and notice the chair underneath you.

Feel the support of the seat, the support of the back and how your body responds to that connection.  This allows you to bring all of your energy into the present moment.  Whatever you are feeling in your body is just right.

2. Notice your breath coming in and out.

This deepens your connection to your body, your truth and the present moment.  Let your exhale be longer than your inhale – this calms your nervous system.

3. Notice where in your body you feel safe (or comfortable) and breathe.

The important part is that you notice where you are safe and from that place to notice what is going on in your body and your life.

You don’t need to figure anything out, just notice if you are present or not and what that feels like.  If you discover you are not present, then really lovingly, just go back to feeling the chair underneath you, then your breath and where you feel safe.  It is from this safe place that you can know and speak your truth.  It is from this place you have choice.

Gratitude Exercise

This is a very simple exercise that will change your life and reprogram your cells!

1. Breathe gratitude into your heart.

Take a few slow deep easy breaths (with the exhale taking longer than the inhale.)  While inhaling, imagine as fully as you can that you have gratitude coming into your heart and filling up your entire body.  Enjoy the feeling!

2. Speak out loud what you are grateful for.

After you have inhaled gratitude, pause for 2 or 3 seconds and then speak out loud what you are grateful for in your life.  Notice the vibration of your voice move through your body as you say what you are grateful for.  Enjoy the feeling!

3. Repeat.

Practice this at least once a day for 5 minutes and in a short time you will notice changes in how you think and how your body feels.

4 Questions

These are 4 questions to use when you are faced with a challenging interpersonal situation and are not sure what to do.

I have used these 4 questions since 1980.  During difficult times, I carry them with me on an index card because I find it easy to forget them in the heat of things.

1. What is my responsibility in this situation?

This is asking if what is happening right now is my responsibility (did I do something to contribute to or cause it).  If the answer is no, I just let it go and be supportive of the other person.  If the answer is yes, I move on to question 2.

2. What can I do about it?

If for example, I made a mistake and hurt someone’s feelings, I could decide that calling up the other person and apologizing would be a good way to make amends.

3. When can I do it?

I might not be able to call or see the other person right away, so I could decide that next Monday I will call the person and apologize.

4. How can I be more gentle to myself in this situation?

This is the most important question and step of them all.  If I have decided what is mine, what and when to do something to make the situation right, then all that is left is to forgive and be kind to myself.

The Kenyoku Technique: Reiki Dry Bathing

The Japanese word kenyoku (ken-yoe-koo) means “dry bathing.” Kenyoku purifies the body and soul. 

It strengthens your energy and helps you to detach from your clients, situations, thoughts and emotions. It brings you into the present moment.

  • Place your right hand on the left side of your chest, over the collarbone. Now stroke down gently across your chest to the right hipbone. Do the same with your left hand, starting on the right side of your chest, above the collarbone. Stoke down gently toward your left hipbone. Repeat each side once more.
  • With left palm facing up, place your right hand on your left shoulder and stroke down gently over the inside of your left arm and the palm of your left hand, past your fingertips. Do the same stroke with your left hand over the inside of your right arm. Repeat each arm once more.
  • Finish with gassho for a few minutes.

Reiji – Ho: The Reiki Prayer

The Japanese word Reiji means “indication of the spirit” (ray-jee hoe).

The technique teaches us to trust and follow our intuition by getting our ego out of the way, so that healing can happen without us trying to control it in any way. We just show up with what is in the moment.

  • Hold your hands in front of your chest and ask the energy to flow through you freely.
  • Ask for the healing and well-being of your client on every level.
  • Bring your hands, palms together, up to the third eye and ask Reiki to guide your hands to wherever they are needed.
  • Follow your hands and begin the treatment.

The Gassho Reiki Meditation

The Japanese word gassho (gaw-show) means “two hands coming together.”

  • Practice gassho by comfortably holding your hands in front of your heart center, palms together. Your hands should be held so that if you were to exhale through the nose the exiting breath would gently touch your fingertips.
  • Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth during the course of this meditation. Rest your tongue on the roof of your mouth as you inhale; while exhaling, let your tongue drop to the bottom of your mouth. Positioning the tongue as described completes the circle of energy within the body and mind.
  • Close your eyes and sit in a relaxed position, either on a chair or on the floor. Keep your back as straight as possible without straining it.

The purpose of gassho meditation is to increase the energy of the practitioner and to put him or her into a meditative frame of mind. Practice it every day either in the morning or the evening (or both) for 20 to 30 minutes.

The instructions for gassho meditation are simple: Concentrate all of your attention on the point where both middle fingers touch and forget everything else.