Daniel is an incredibly intuitive, kind and gentle practitioner.  He always knows exactly what to say and when to say it.  At times, he challenges me to be honest with myself, and at other times, he encourages me to be more forgiving and gentle with myself … the perfect balance of challenging me while supporting me along my healing path.  I have changed so much since I’ve started working with Daniel – it’s incredible!  Each week I just become more and more me!  I can’t possibly thank Daniel enough in helping me return to my body and to my truth.  It feels so good to be me.     Eva


I wanted to say Thank-you so very much for your words of truth and wisdom. I’m really inspired by our session. I appriciate you listening to your intuition and saying the words I needed to hear. While much of the info is sinking in or floating away still, I feel a profound shift happening. There’s a freedom in knowing I don’t have to try so hard, there’s peace in knowing I can hear that gentle knowing voice when i need to. I feel like the whole package was presented to me eloquently and simply. I feel honored that you would share that with me and very blessed.

Thank-you so much for being who you are.
I’m grateful and inspired!
blessings, Gayle


From the moment I met Daniel in my yoga class, I was impressed by his peaceful demeanor and the light that shone from his eyes and heart.  He has a gentle and compassionate way about him that made me feel very at ease going to him for some healing work.  In the two sessions I had with Daniel before I moved away from Vancouver, I felt very blessed to be facilitated in my healing journey in a manner that spoke of his keen intuition, his heightened sense of energy and the dynamics of healing, and by his ability to be of service in a totally accepting and affirmative way.

With Daniel’s help, I found myself going to very deep places within me, and feeling very comfortable releasing stuck emotions and memories, which helped me in moving forward in my life from a new perspective and with a new-found freedom from within my body.  

Daniel’s work truly ushers in a sense of homecoming – coming lovingly home to yourself and to the greater flow of all that your life is offering to you in the present moment.

He also worked very skillfully and insightfully with my partner and I – assisting us in gaining greater clarity in our communications, and helping us to truly see one another from the heart rather than from our own fears and/or projections.  I learned a great deal from that session, and I carry it all with me into my own healing practice.

I feel very blessed to know Daniel and to have been witnessed and supported by him in a healing way.    Lori


I appreciate Daniel’s powerful and peaceful presence.  He created a space so clear and open that I felt safe to feel my truth.  Daniel took me through a process of discovering my body and how the stresses and stories held in it affect my life.  It is difficult to describe in words this blissful feeling of remembering who I am.    Amy


When I first started seeing Daniel, I really didn’t “know” what was going on.  I just knew that Daniel was supportive and enabling something to happen for me energetically.  Now, after a few months of regular visits, I am beginning to understand that I don’t “know” what is going on because what is going on is not easily understood intellectually or articulated.  Our sessions result in an undeniably transformative experience.  I have a different sense of awareness.  I notice when it feels like “someone else is driving the bus.”  I notice how I hold fast to my old dramas, literally holding my body in certain patterns.  I recognize how I can release these old stories and be more alive!

With Daniel’s love and support, I enter a safe haven to uncover my limitations.  Our work together is an invaluable gift.    Christine


Most of my life I have not been connected with my body and I wasn’t even aware of it.  Since I have been doing this energy work with Daniel, I have connected with my body and now quite frequently reside there.  What a great gift to be given.    C


Approximately 2-1/2 years ago I was diagnosed with an incurable blood cancer, Multiple Myeloma.  I am in remission and I am doing extremely well.

For the last 3 months I have been fortunate to attend Reiki treatments with Daniel on a weekly basis. I have noticed an increase in energy and much reduction in pain. Despite the collapse of 5 spinal vertebrae, I walk 6 km/day, 4 days a week on the seawall, suffering little pain.

I feel that the Reiki treatments have been especially beneficial in my overall sense of well being and the treatments have resulted in my being more centered, relaxed and with an increased sense of gratitude for my life which has been returned to me. Thank You.     James


My name’s Maki.  Kay is my mother (she was just at your home a few days ago for a group healing).  We found your website and I wanted to tell that it helped me in a timely way, specifically, the 4 questions and your recommendations on healing.  I just wanted to let you know that your work has made a difference for a stranger.  The 4 questions are so simple, direct and effective – and I too believe being in the body is vital.

I find that we often focus on what we get out of something and forget to acknowledge the giver in a direct way.  So, here you go — a simple note of acknowledgement and thanks … Maki Hanawa      www.makihanawa.com